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May 25, 2023
Updated Afrikaans, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Slovenian and Portuguese translations
April 6, 2023
Updated Afrikaans, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Serbian, Solvenian, Swedish, Thai and Vietnamese translations
March 21, 2023
Added Buy Me a Coffee link at the header and footer
Updated Czech, Esperanto, Greek, French, Vietnamese, Chinese Traditional, Indonesian, Romanian and Swedish translations
September 7, 2022
Added Esperanto and Uzbek translations
Updated Danish, Czech, Greek, French, Hindi, Polish, Macedonian, Ukranian, Chinese Traditional, Indonesian and Swedish translations
Sep 2021
Updated Korean, Turkish, Portuguese and French translations
Aug 2021
Updated French, Spanish, Croatian, Hindi and Chinese (Traditional) translations
Jun 2021
Added a new printable - Flash Cards in Printables page
Added Tamil translation
Updated French translation
Updated the Translation page to use links instead of images
May 2021
Added a new printable - Flash Cards in Printables page
Included Tamil and Telugu for anyone to translate as per Suggestions by users
Updated external links to be opened in new tab
Updated Armenian, Hebrew and Chinese (Simplified) translations
Apr 2021
Updated Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hungarian, Persian, Russian, Slovak and Polish translations
Fixed the broken links in the Store page
Minor corrections to the solubility table
Mar 2021
Added Solubility Chart and Reactivity Series under Tables menu
Added social images to all pages to show up when the pages are shared on social media
Fixed the incorrect font sizes in the navigation bar
Updated Italian, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Polish, Croatian, Russian, Armenian, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified) translations
Feb 2021
Complete rewrite of the website to deploy the code faster; Individual language versions have their own subdomains;
Added Afrikaans translation
Updated Norwegian Bokmal, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Japanese, German, Portuguese, French and Italian translations
Nov 2020
Added Crystal Structure image to the element page
Added Macedonian translation
Updated Armenian, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian, Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese(Simplified) translations
Oct 2020
Added Armenian and Malay translations
Added a new printable - Flash Cards in Printables page
Updated Croatian, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Norwegian Bokmal, Polish, Romanian, Vietnamese and Dutch translations
Fixed the top navbar so that the navbar does not overlap the scrollbar
Aug 2020
Updated the icons in the navbar to outline icons
Simplified localisation and individual languages will now be included in the url
Added a new printable in Printables page
Added CAS Number and PubChem CID Number
Fixed electron configuration rendering issues in Edge and Chrome
Updated Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Italian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, German, Greek, Polish, Dutch, Slovak, Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional) translations
Jul 2020
Added a new printable in Printables page
Added a new page - Translation where you can check the status of each language and contribute translations
Added mass number, number of protons, electrons and neutrons
The line height for the Elements page is increased and the text is easily readable
Updated Polish, Croatian, Chinese Simplified, Croatian and Korean translation
Added an option in Settings to change the style of the periodic table from 3 options
Replaced the dropdown for temperature in Settings with a radio select
Updated the navbar header from a gradient to solid color which now matches with the window color when opened as PWA
Jun 2020
Modified the style of the element page to use more shadows and less color
Modified the colors of the Settings popup for both light and dark themes
Added Instagram page link to the footer
Added a new printable in Printables page
Added Suggestions where new suggestions or feature requests can be provided
Fonts for Thai and Hebrew are updated
Reduced extra spacing on top and bottom sides of the electronic configuration
Updated Chinese Simplified, Croatian, Portuguese and Danish translations
May 2020
Updated Polish, Russian, Vietnamese, Slovenian, Chinese Simplified translations
Added a new page - Printables which provides a printable version of the periodic table which will be updated regularly
Added a new page - Credits for translations which was earlier appearing in About page
Added icons to the navigation bar at the top
Added footer component on all pages which includes quick links not available in the top navigation bar
Updated link colors to match the theme color
Reduced the number of colors in Settings from 25 to 10 which matches with the periodic table colors
Fixed the layout bug where the 2nd and 3rd row were appearing with a huge space on iOS devices
Fixed scrollbar styles for all browsers
Added an open-source license on Github
Removed theme switching to enable light or dark mode from Settings and a dedicated button is available in the top navigation bar
Replaced the existing static image of electronic configuration with an animated version
Please contact me at [email protected] if you have any suggestions or issues with the website
Feb 2020
Modified colors at the navigation bar for better accessibility
Updated Persian, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Greek, Hebrew, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional), Russian, Thai, French, Italian, Chinese (Simplified) and Turkish translations
May 2019
Added Store page for t-shirts and other merchandise
Added English (UK) translation
Updated Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Chinese (Traditional) translations
Apr 2019
Updated Arabic, Italian and Croatian translations
Dec 2018
Added Slovenian, Norwegian (Nynorsk) and Croatian translations
Updated Danish, Japanese and Italian translations
Nov 2018
Added Danish, Greek, Thai and Hebrew translations
Updated Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese, Catalan, German and Japanese translations
Jun 2018
Updated Russian, French and Arabic translations
May 2018
Updated Persian, Czech, Italian, Dutch, Catalan, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Indonesian and Japanese translations
Apr 2018
Updated Dutch and Korean translations
Mar 2018
Released the first version of the website with Progressive Web App (PWA) features
Updated the colors of the periodic table
Added options for wide and large tiles when website is pinned to Start on Windows 10
Added Hindi, Chinese (Traditional), Arabic, Polish and Swedish translations
Updated Japanese and Dutch translations
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